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Volkson Press is an open-access, online, refereed journals, proceedings and Book publisher. Conference organizers are invited to publish the special issue for the full-length articles that were exhibited in their conference, symposium or workshop. Kindly remember that publishing special issue for conference papers in Volkson Press Journals is possible only for original articles which are peer-reviewed. Proposals for the special issue in one or more of our journals are welcome for free publications. We also publish conference proceedings with ISBN and DOI, which will get deposited to CrossRef proceedings database. Click here (VOLKSON PRESS PROCEEDING) for more information on Proceedings publication.

Conference organizer may select our any journal for publishing special issue depending upon Aims and Scope of the Journal.

Procedure for publishing special issue is given below-

  1. Conference organizer should appoint Guest Editor (s) for the special issue who will be responsible for handling and communication related to special issue and articles in this issue. CV of Guest Editor(s) must be provided to  Volkson Press
  2. On behalf of organizing committee guest editor (s) must write an editorial article for this special issue. Editorial article normally includes summary and perspective of the conference held with a brief statement for launching special issue.
  3. Conference coordinator may use our submission system for full paper submission for the said special issue and perform peer-review through our editorial workflow. If the coordinator is accepting full paper through their own system then have to send us through the guest editor (s) as described in next steps.
  4. Detail of reviewer (Name, affiliation, email id) and reviewing comment (if any) should be sent to us with each article.
  5. If plagiarism check has already been done, provide us plagiarism report, otherwise we will perform a plagiarism check for each article and report will be sent to the guest editor for further action/decision.
  6. We require references formatting strictly as per author guideline of the corresponding Journal.
  7. We do not require any copyright transfer, All article will be published with open access under CC BY-NC 4.0 end user license and author will be full copyright holder (Unless specified/transferred to institution) by granting Volkson Press as the first publisher.
  8. The guest editor should send the article to us as soon as accepted so that we can process typesetting as per our journal final format requirement. The issue will be published as per guest editor’s instruction but we require articles prior publication time for copyediting.

Guest Editor(s) are welcome to suggest any other necessary detail to be included/considered for the special issue.

Interested conference coordinators may contact us for special issue publication at [email protected]


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