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Singular Visions, Shared Success: Volkson Press is growing independent academic publishers whose titles are shaped by author-researchers combine their academic backgrounds, areas of research and expertise, personal experiences, and original ideas. Our publishing environment encourages researchers to share new ideas, and helps them sustain the enthusiasm that brought them to the academic world in the first place.


Volkson Press is an open access, peer-reviewed journals that facilitate a cost effective access to the quality research findings in the domains of engineering, medical science, scientific research, biological sciences, agricultural sciences, educational research, business and management studies and includes broad interest titles through the publication of online quality scholarly proceedings and journals.

Why Publish with Volkson Press

  • Fast submission and review process
  • Guaranteed quality and interdisciplinary peer review process
  • Editorial decision made by expert Academia editors
  • Research reaches the different scientific communities interested in your research in a timely manner
  • Authors retain the copyright on their work
  • Free certificate of publication
  • Email notifications on new issue release
  • Responsive and flexible editorial and Publishing support
  • Extensive global readership and online visibility
  • International and high quality standards in both print and electronic versions
  • Speedy distribution and efficient customer service


Proceedings for conferences, symposiums or workshops

Explore our open access proceedings services, which allow for a highly visible, fast and professional publication of your conference or workshop papers in any scientific discipline, including business management, social sciences, engineering & medical sciences.


High quality journals for publishing your research results

Volkson Press publishes open access journals in academic disciplines including science, environment, engineering and management sciences.

Indexing Body and Partners

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