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What is ORCID?

ORCID is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to sharing information globally through enabling a transparent and trustworthy connection between researchers, their contributions, and affiliations. They achieve this mission by providing the ORCID identifier.

The ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a persistent identifier that distinguishes scientific and academic authors and contributors from other researchers. This unique identifier establishes a reliable connection between researchers and their research activities to ensure that they receive appropriate credit and recognition for their work.

VOLKSON PRESS is fully integrated with ORCID. When publishing a book, journal, chapter, article, or conducting review activities for journals, we will collect your ORCID iD to verify your identity and tie the published work or journal manuscript review to your name. To ensure a streamlined and easy-to-use process, authentication is provided within Volkson Press submission system, the Aries Editorial Manager® System, and also your unique iD will be displayed next to your name in print and electronic publications.

Publons has partnered with ORCID so that you can export your verified review history from Publons to your ORCID profile. When submitting a journal manuscript review into the Aries Editorial Manager® online submission system, you will receive a review receipt that will support with the verification of reviews through Publons.

Registering for an ORCID iD is free and easy and will allow you to connect your works published and manuscript reviews through Volkson Press to your name. If you do not already have one, please ORCID iD icon Register for an ORCID iD.




Why Should I Create and Link my ORCID iD?

One Personal Identifier
The iD forms reliable connections between you and your research activities, making you more discoverable and helping to avoid cases of mistaken identity. Additionally, any name or affiliation changes that occur during your research career will not result in earlier works being disassociated from you.

Ownership and Control of Record
You create and manage your own record, allowing you one central place to make updates, such as name or affiliation changes, that will update across your work, leading to more accurate information displayed in your publications. Also, by having one unique and persistent identifier, you won’t waste time having to enter repetitive data when reporting on past activities. By managing your iD, you also have control over which of your works you would like the iD connected to, as well as control over how much of your information can be accessed.

Integration in the Research Community
Researchers, universities, funding institutions, editorial boards, editors, publishers, and more are now using these iD’s to accurately identify researchers. By connecting your Volkson Press publications and review activities with your iD, we can ensure that you receive proper credit and recognition.

Additionally, major manuscript submission systems, such as Aries Editorial Manager online submission system, have embedded the iD’s into the editorial process. In doing so, we can streamline the publishing process by collecting accurate personal data upfront and without additional time needed to fill out forms.

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