Performance Evaluation of Fly Ash and Red Brick Dust for Recovery of Chromium from Tannery Wastewater by Adsorption Method

 In Earth Sciences Pakistan (ESP)



Performance Evaluation of Fly Ash and Red Brick Dust for Recovery of Chromium from Tannery Wastewater by Adsorption Method

Journal: Earth Sciences Pakistan (ESP)
Author: Ramsha Rehman, Ammara Khan, Haroon Rashid and Abdul Nasir

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited

Doi: 10.26480/esp.01.2017.19.22

Waste water contains hazardous chemicals released from industries and affects adversely aquatic life as well as deteriorates surface and groundwater quality. The industrial effluent is disposed into drains without treatment thus worsening condition. It alters the living condition of aquatic life and effects the environment adversely. It affects human being some time directly and sometime indirectly. Chromium contamination is a serious problem because of cancer-causing effect of the pollutants and low recovery rate of chromium owing to the existence of organics, such as protein as well as fat. Objective of this study was to determine viability of adsorbents like fly ash and red brick dust for chromium ions recovery from tannery wastewater. Aqueous solutions of Cr(III) was prepared by dissolving the specific amounts of chromium Sulphate in de ionized water. Concentration of Cr (III) was determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The adsorption of chromium on fly ash as well as red brick dust was determined at different Cr (III) concentrations, contact time, adsorbent dosage and pH. By comparing results of both adsorbents it was concluded that performance efficiency of both fly ash and red brick dust was good for removal and recovery of chromium. But red brick dust was more effective as compared to fly ash. Because maximum recovery of chromium was observed at pH 4; adsorbent red brick dust; contact time 3hours; and adsorbent dosage 1000g. Red brick dust declared as good adsorbent for the recovery of chromium from tannery waste water.

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Pages 19-22
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1
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